Agricultural application of Structured Water™
Save Water!
Vibrant Healthy Crops!
Healthier Livestock!
Increased Brix!

(less(or no) use of fertilizers/pesticides)

Agriculture and livestock are gaining many benefits from structured water integration.
Here we share how this impacts the health of crops, livestock and the land.
The science of water is accelerating at an amazing pace and the conclusions
of this are showing up more and more into our foods.

Our current drought conditions puts more emphasis on quantity
and structured water puts emphasis on quality…
Efficiency of the water you use has evolved!

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Healthier crops and healthier livestock means increased profit.
That’s why you are here right?

Waters Of Wellness has another retail site for the regular consumer at

Here we are more focused on the Vineyards, Ranches and Farms of all sizes.


We are not here to sell you on Structured Water™, it is already proven.
The science is in and the rest is up to you.
We are here to help map out the integration into your operation that works best for you.
You will always be in control of the amount of water you want to save,
the health of your livestock and the quality of your crops.

This is to be a simple integration process. When do you want to start?

We have information on the inventor for you.
We have results from other commercial users.
After you have done your checking, which we expect,
call us to set up an appointment for your project evaluation.


We are located in Middletown, CA to serve you